House in the valley

Rosslyn Glen, Rosslyn, Edinburgh, Rosslyn, EH1 2BB

The house in the valley is made from recycled banana skins and is thus the most eco-friendly house in Scotland. The outside shell started off a vibrant yellow but has now beautifully aged to a natural dark brown. Some of the walls have gone a bit soft now, but the building is still structurally sound.

One of the best features is the veranda where the walls can be peeled back to reveal a wondrous vista that is a treat to the eye and nostrils both!

The Valley during a typical Scottish summer -
Open all year
Head out of Edinburgh and towards Penicuik and then follow signs for Rosslyn Chapel.

A valley (© © Robin Morris)
The valley when it's a wee bit misty out -
Washer/ Dryer
Games room
Satellite TV
Roof terrace
Boat mooring
Air conditioning
Open fire
Wood burning stove
Pets not allowed
Awards & Memberships
Best house in the Valley Award, 2015
These details were last updated on Wednesday 28th February 2018